BI Sustainability Steps

1. Ongoing knowledge capture and share
2. Understand our environmental footprint
3. Coordination of activities and communication
4. Engage our staff
5. Work cross functionally
6. Capture value and strategic advantage
Why do anything?
  • Right thing to do
  • Our customers require it of us
  • Our stakeholders require it of us
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Competitor advantage
  • Reduce our operational carbon footprint
What will we do?
  • Understand the agenda and give clear direction
  • Measure & improve
  • Set key objectives for sustainability
  • Set improvement targets in line with strategy for next 5 years.
  • Collaborate as a team and drive change
  • Communicate to our staff to secure buy in
What will we deliver?
  • Sustainable raw material sourcing
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Investment in new machinery to consider lifetime energy efficiency
  • An informed and empowered workforce to educate and lead
  • Increased sustainable profitability & opportunities for us and our customers